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Skin Care

Skin Care
Skin Care Products made with Emu Oil


Deep Muscle Rub
A true balm, this easy-to-use Emu Oil product combines Emu Oil with Arnica, a natural herbal pain re..
Hot Spice & Ice Herbal Pain Reliever
Hot Spice & Ice:  This potent pain reliever combines Emu Oil (an anti-inflammatory and carr..
Sensitive Skin Cream
A rich day or night cream, gentle enough for most people who are sensitive to artificial ingredients..
Worker's Cream
A pleasant, clove-scented cream for those whose hands are subjected to skin-drying conditions: garde..
Nourishing Eye Cream
A gentle cream, mild enough for the delicate skin around the eyes of most adults, but packed with al..
Rejuvenation Cream
A heady, rich night cream, packed with all natural herbs and oils, chosen specifically for their ben..
Therapeutic Cleansing Lotion
A cleansing lotion, designed to cleanse and detoxify damaged skin, while moisturizing and nourishing..
Tranquility Aroma Therapy Hand and Body Lotion
This powerful lavender aroma therapy lotion is used to reduce stress, anxiety, tension, and promote ..
Absolutely JASMINE
A nourishing, luscious facial moisturizer, with anti-oxidant properties. Quickly absorbed for oily s..
Replenishing Skin Cream
This facial moisturizer is readily absorbed, helps to keep the oiliness and dryness of the skin in b..
EMUgency Spray
A first-aid spray, essential in every First Aid Kit or Travel Pack. Emu Oil is a powerful natural an..
EMUgency Stick
A first-aid stick, easy to carry with you, hiking or camping. Emu Oil carries herbs, vitamins and ot..
Herbal Lip Therapy
A favorite, this Lip Therapy helps keep lips soft and moisturized with all natural ingredients. &..
Emu Soap
Variety of Soaps: Acne Clear, Aloe & Comfrey, Flathead Mint, Lavender, Montana Calendula, Mounta..
Psoriasis Cream
Amazingly effective cream for those who suffer from Psoriasis. The white petrolatum, in combination ..
EMUtrients Shampoo
This luxurious Shampoo is made from all-natural ingredients, including Emu oil, leaving hair glossy ..
EMUtrients Conditioner
This enriching Conditioner is made from all-natural ingredients, including Emu oil, leaving hair sof..